Star Trek Characters [1/7]

↳ Spock

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remember when benedict and quinto were drunk and hugging each other and touching each others faces


Quinto looks like he found the answers to the mysteries of the universe in Benedict’s eyes.

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1. How are you feeling today?
-Wonderful, but I could be better. Too much feels of assorted kinds can really get to ya sometimes ):

2. Which type of phone are you currently using, are you happy with it or do you plan to change another in the near future? I’m using an Iphone 4. -YES i want to change. Not because i’m not a fan of Apple or anything like that, I just want to try using a Samsung Note 2. Yes, I’m a sucker for monster  screens. Hey, you  get to see your bbys in 1080p!

3. Favorite music.
-Indie, and also soundtracks. Many kinds, but usually from movies. Alt.Rock is also one of my favourite genres.  

4. Do you play any instruments?
-ERHU! Although I’m terribly lousy at it. I do like playing though, I’m just don’t have a knack for music instruments like some people do XD

5. If you were to have a dinner date with someone, who would it be? Take me through the whole date of what would happen.
-It would probably be Shun from Up on Poppy Hill, because he’s just dreamy. Zachary would be a great choice too, but I’d probably faint upon seeing him in real life. We would just sit by the ocean or the evening market, and just talk and share our hopes and dreams. Yeech, cheesy i know. But hey, a girl can dream. 

6. Which book/play/screenplay/poem would you wish you had written, given a chance to go back in time?
-I like Merchant of Venice a lot, plus I like how William came up with the plot. It would be nice if I could be put in his shoes, just to see how I would intricately come up with the storyline :) 

7. How pleased are you with yourself? Do you think you love yourself enough?
-Nah I’m not sure. I’m terribly influenced by other people’s perception of myself, and I constantly need affection and love. One day maybe I’ll learn to love myself more. 

8. Can you share one insecurities or worries that you wish to get rid of your brain?
-My looks? 

9. 5 accomplishments throughout your entire life.
- I finally learnt how to digital paint, albeit not wonderfully. 
-I have made a group of friends whom I’ve never felt I could love so   much in my life. 
- I have eaten a cream horn.
-I have bought a flower  crown for charity. 
- I now have a long tern goal, even if its a minor one.

10. One fictional character that you can relate the most to.
-Umi from Up on Poppy Hill. Her insecurities and feelings about Shun are a clear reflection of what I used to go through in high school.

11. This is not exactly a question, but I wish you have a wonderful time ahead. Can you do that for me?
-Definitely. x

My questions:)

1.What’s the one movie you watched that you couldn’t get over?

2.Closest thing you’ve ever had to utopia

3.What do you think of traditional western music?

4.OTP <3

5. Cheesiest pick-up line you’ve ever heard 

6.Favourite genre of books

7.Name one physical activity you LOVE doing, or at least name the one you hate the least.

8. Biggest pet peeve…

9. Biggest hope you have for the future of mainstream music (im sorry)

10. Your secret hidden talent .

I don’t have many people to tag (or any at all) but i love you all, and anyone who wishes to do this can go ahead.

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Title: Be Important
Artist: Zachary Quinto
Album: Heroes
Plays: 559


Sylar: When I was a kid… I used to wish some stranger would come and tell me my family wasn’t really my family. Oh, they weren’t bad people, they were just… insignificant. And I wanted to be different. Special. I wanted to change. A new name, a new life. The watchmaker’s son… became a watchmaker. It is so… futile. And I wanted to be… important.

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Zoe Saldana & Zachary Quinto #02

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